Upholstery And Mattress Cleaning

by Pamir Carpet Cleaning


upholstery cleaning


Did you know mattresses and upholstered furniture are dirt magnets just like carpets? We never actually realise this, but it's true. We spent a lot of time on couches and mattresses, so it's bound to get dirty. We sleep at least a third of our lives, so our mattresses can easily get dirty and unclean. But how often do you clean these pieces of furniture? It's crucial to clean, but not a lot of people realise this, so they end up laying on dirty pieces of furniture and mattresses. 

We at Pamir Cleaning have experience in this tedious task of cleaning upholstered furniture and mattresses, not only will you feel better to know you have a clean bed or furniture, but it'll increase its life drastically. You won't have to change mattresses so often, which is a huge investment.

First, our technicians at Pamir Carpet Cleaning test the fabric for colorfastness and fiber type. We use a pH balanced pre-conditioner to loosen soil and dirt. Our quality commercial extraction methods use proper suction, heat and rinse pressure to produce the best results. Keep your home dirt free by choosing our upholstery cleaning service.

Not only do we provide cleaning for your upholstered furniture and mattresses, but we also provide cleaning of your car interior which is also a huge dirt magnet.