Maid Services

by Pamir Carpet Cleaning

With more people working extra hours and families becoming bigger and bigger, many families don't have time to do a lot of work at home such as cleaning and doing other chores. That is why it might be a good idea to hire our maid services at Pamir Carpet Cleaning. We provide many maid services to make sure that your house is top-notch and clean.

Services We Offer:

maid services

  • Housekeeping

  • Personalized Maid Service

  • Regular Service

  • Deep-clean Service

  • Fill-in service (Kitchen and Bathrooms)

  • Spring/Seasonal Cleaning

  • Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

  • Laundry and Housekeeping Services

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, One time and Occasional service

Additional Services Upon Request (at additional charge):

  • Clean and Vacuum Furniture

  • Clean all Windows (Interior Only)

  • Clean all Blinds

  • Clean inside Closets

  • Refrigerator Cleaning

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Clean inside Cupboards and Drawers


Housekeeper Benefits


  • Reduce stress and shorten your to-do list.

  • Provides more time to spend with the family or that much needed "me" time.

  • Minimize the hours bent over scrubbing, organizing, vacuuming and cleaning (helpful for those with arthritis, back, neck and knee pain).

  • Most of the housekeepers, in addition to the basics, will also do laundry, clean closets, drawers & cupboards, iron, provide party help and even help with packing & unpacking. Others will run errands & some do the light cooking!

Most clients have regular service, weekly or bi-weekly. However, Move-in, move-out, one time and particular service is also available. We understand that affordability is a concern, especially these days. Let us know what you’re able to invest each month, and we’ll customize a cleaning regimen that will keep your home fresh and clean without breaking the bank.