Carpet Stain Removal Toronto

Carpet Stain Removal TorontoThose who live with light coloured carpeting in Toronto live with the constant fear of one thing: stains. A spilled glass of wine will leave a blemish that will be visible to anyone and everyone unless you’re able to rearrange your furniture in a way that you can hide it under a bookcase or an ottoman. There’s another option though if you ever find yourself dealing with dreadful carpet stains: Pamir Carpet Cleaning. We’ve seen it all so whatever type of stain you’re dealing with, we can handle it.

Affordable Carpet Stain Removal Toronto

Carpet stains can ruin your day and more than that, they can ruin your birthday party, your anniversary celebration and they can be a real wet blanket over the holiday get together. But there’s no reason for carpet stains to spoil things for you. Not with Pamir Carpet Cleaning carpet stain removal Toronto just a phone call away. We get to you fast so that you can go ahead with your big plans without skipping a beat. Our technicians assess the situation quickly, apply the latest and most effective solutions and have your carpet back to its normal lustrous self in no time.

We remove all manner of stain quickly and affordably including but not limited to:

  • Chocolate, fruit juices, soda stains and more.
  • Wine, brandy and other adult beverages.
  • Magic markers and crayons.
  • Spilled grease and blood.
  • Pet urine or gum.

If your prized Persian has fallen victim to a glass of sherry don’t worry. Give Pamir Carpet Cleaning carpet stain removal Toronto a call and rest easy. If the kids have ground dark chocolate into your deep pile carpet we’re on it. If it can be removed we’ll remove it. No excuses.

All Kinds of Carpet

Our highly trained IICRC certified technicians are proficient at removing stains from every imaginable type of Toronto carpet including:

●        Berber

●        Cut Loop

●        Level Loop

●        Multilevel Loop

●        Saxony

●        Velvet

●        Tip Shear

●        Frieze

●        Plush

●        And more...

Whether your carpet is made of nylon, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, acrylic or wool and whether it’s light or dark, standard or even carpet tiles we’ll have it back to normal in a flash.

Pet Stains a Specialty

We love pets as much as anyone and we understand that sometimes they just can’t be counted on to exhibit proper bathroom etiquette. When your 4-legged friends let you down don’t spend a minute worrying about it. Call Pamir Carpet Cleaning carpet stain removal Toronto. We’ll remove any evidence that your best friend had an accident and afterward your carpet will smell as good as it looks and feels.

Carpet stains don’t have to be the killjoy you imagine them to be. When something leaves its mark on your carpet call Pamir Carpet Cleaning and watch how the pros handle carpet stain removal in Toronto.

Note: As we said above, if it can be removed we’ll remove it. However, it’s simply impossible to guarantee that every imaginable type of stain can be completely removed and anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. So, while such situations are extremely rare they may happen.


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